Monday, February 13, 2012

The Night Circus

I belong to a book club and every month we select a new book to read. I have to admit that this was not my first choice when we were selecting books and when I got out voted I was a little sad. I thought who wants to read a book about a magical circus. Sounded a little to much like Harry Potter for me. Though I do love Harry Potter I just did not feel like reading something like this. I wanted something a little more realistic and less fantasy.

I am so happy I got out voted! It was such a magical book. I was sucked in from page one and did not want to put the book down ( well technically the NOOK down).

This was the first time I ever read an ebook. I know the librarian who is all into technology should have had a ereader a long time ago but I just could not do it. I like the feel of a book. I like reading in the bathtub. But I felt that since I was now lending them out in the school library I should really get on to better understand the devise.

I have to say that even though it took a little getting use to I enjoyed it. Now back to the book...

It is about two magicians, Celia and Marco who are forced into a competition by their fathers when they are rather young. The competition plays out in this Night Circus which mysteriously travel around the world and is only open at night. It is a game of one up-manship with each other trying to out do the other. The vivid descriptions and amazing details by author Erin Morgenstern make you feel like you are center stage at the circus.

There is love, mystery, magic, fantasy in this novel. I loved every flick of the finger and hated when it was over because I felt like the next book I read just would not compare to this one.

Below is the book trailer and a link to the authors website. Please note that I plan on getting a copy of this book for the library soon but do not have one yet.

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